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 My laptop keeps hibernating?

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Localisation : boston
Date d'inscription : 31/05/2013

MessageSujet: My laptop keeps hibernating?   Ven 31 Mai 2013 - 8:45

Even when i use it it hibernates & I can get it out of hibernation unless I turn it of by unplugging the ac & battery.
It says that it hibernates cuz it is over heading & so times it does it. It's been doing this for a month now. I have no viruses. I got my laptop in December after Christmas of 2009 or January of 2010.
My laptop sits on this portable desk.

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MessageSujet: Re: My laptop keeps hibernating?   Sam 1 Juin 2013 - 6:33

Sorry for my english, i speak a little bit but not very well.

The first solution is to turn off Hibernative mode.
or reinstall windows and see if the problem still exists

And the ultime solution : may be should you flash the bios?

Sena, bibou member, thinks this :
Citation :

We would like more details of your trouble:
*What is the brand, model of your laptop ?
*Can you hear the fan spinning ?
*Is the hot air blown out of the vents ?

the possibilities of an overheating laptop are:
- a clogged heatsink: when you cold-start your computer, the fan starts spinning faster and faster, but the air can be barely felt when you place your hand in front of vents;
- a worn-out thermal compound: if someone dismantled the heatsink for cleaning, the old thermal paste MUST be cleaned out and a new one must be applied. Aso after some years of use most of thermal compounds tends to become dried-out and don't conduct heat anymore;
- a faulty fan : in that case you cannot hear the fan spinning, the hot air is not blown out of vents;

For the first case, you can try to blow the dust through vents with a compressed air can. If the heatsink is not too clogged, it may help.

For all the others, unless you have skills and tools, it would be better to ask a qualified tech to service your laptop.
Don't try to disassemble yourself, unless you know what you do.

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My laptop keeps hibernating?
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